message=Mobile Cinema Park brings Hi-Def field trips to schools by Pamela Holley-Bright Carolina Peacemaker Originally posted 10/29/2008

Students in Guilford County Schools will be the first in the U.S. to take a field trip without ever leaving campus as they will be the first to experience Mobile Cinema Park.

New Xperience Entertainment (NXE), a Greensboro-based company, will be showing off this edutainment system. The system uses 3-D projection, laser lighting and electronic audience interactivity technology to keep studentsengaged in curriculum and reinforce school lessons. Teachers are looking for something that will engage their students, said Tamika Bain, vice president of NXE. We offer a high-definition system. The movie theaters don’t even have the system that we have. Bain graduated from N.C. A and T State University with a degree in human development. The childhood learning and development consultant founded NXE with her husband, Kenneth. My husband spent some time in Israel. He heard about the Mobile Cinema Park and thought it was a good idea for us to bring the idea to the U.S. I looked at the feature movies and the pamphlet and I knew that we had to do this, said Bain. The system uses programs that are produced by Cinema Park Network, a media technology company based in Israel. The developer for Cinema Park Network, Ori Yardeni has produced attractions for entertainment outlets and theme parks such as Disney World’s Millennium Village at Epcot. The programs offered by Cinema Park Network are grouped in a genre called edutainment— a mix of education and entertainment. The edutainment programs are offered in Israel, Sweden, Italy, Poland, Greece, Korea, India and Mexico. It took Bain and her husband, Kenneth eight months to offer the system to the U.S. In that eight-month period, we interviewed people and got everything for our company prepared. Everyone we hire brings something to thecompany. We all have the same passion which is to give this cool experience to all of the students across the United States, Bain shared. What I love most about the program is that it not only gives teachers a fun way to enhance their curriculum, but by the system being mobile, it takes the students out of the buses and everyone does not have to worry about safety issues and schools don’t have to worry about spending money on gas. When a school orders the mobile cinema park, the tech team at NXE travels to the school to set-up the system. It usually takes the tech team two and a half hours to set-up the equipment in the school auditorium or gymnasium. Students are even offered a 3-D experience in some of the programs, like Journey Through the Universe in which students learn about the development of the solar system. Students can literally see stars flyingat them. We offer a few other programs as well. We have The Human Experience program in which kids take a 3-D ride through the human body, Keep It Wild: Coexisting With the Animals in which kids learn about millions and millions of species on Earth, and on Oct. 31, we will be debuting Addicted 2 Life, a drug prevention program, Bain explained. The NXE team wants to partner with teachers and parents to bring the Mobile Cinema Park not only to students in traditional schools, but to students who are being home schooled as well. Bain said We are passionate about serving children and their families. We have an amazing program. I wish I had this in school.